Paulette's Palace & Productions is located inside:

The Shops at Worthington Place

7227 N High Street

Worthington, Ohio 43085







DISCLAIMER:  Keep in mind that we not intending to violate any copyright laws. The characters offered come from legends, folklore and fairy tales that are in the public domain. Any of my other characters who resemblance to copyrighted or licensed characters is purely incidental and unintentional. All costumes we use are unique and not copyrighted by any large companies.We are not associated with any large companies or theme parks and do not try to present as such. Paulettes Princess Parties a private entertainment company hoping to make dreams come true for young and old.

March 13, 2018

Hello my Little SnowFlakes! It's your Favorite Snow Queen writing to you from Arandelle. Looks like your a bit chilly in Ohio this morn!  Well ,I am staying in and taking care of my sister Anna, poor princess has the flu. Don't worry we have fed her warm glog and have...

February 6, 2018

Hello My Little Flowers, it's Rapunzel here! I hope you are having the most amazing February !  I love this month, full of chocolate and flowers! Flynn and Pascal

go out every morning to pick some for my hair and they have been picking the most beautiful wild...

September 28, 2017

So today the 28th day of Sept..... Paulettes Princess Parties first Blog 

Here we go.......

 News from the Castle........

First Things First.....     on the FIRST of each month  The Royal Herald will be emailed out to everyone  who is part of this site .... basically all...

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