Paulette's Palace & Productions is located inside:

The Shops at Worthington Place

7227 N High Street

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DISCLAIMER:  Keep in mind that we not intending to violate any copyright laws. The characters offered come from legends, folklore and fairy tales that are in the public domain. Any of my other characters who resemblance to copyrighted or licensed characters is purely incidental and unintentional. All costumes we use are unique and not copyrighted by any large companies.We are not associated with any large companies or theme parks and do not try to present as such. Paulettes Princess Parties a private entertainment company hoping to make dreams come true for young and old.


Like many other small businesses throughout Ohio, Paulette's Princess Parties has been financially impacted as a direct result of COVID-19.  To help meet financial obligations and operating expenses which could have been met had the disaster not occurred we are offering alternative and creative options to help lift spirits and bring some joy during this difficult time in our world.  Our dedicated high school and college students are graciously using their time and energy to create some magical moments and bring some cheer to everyone that needs it.  

If you are looking for creative ways to keep your children entertained while supporting a small business at the same time, please consider one of these options we have created.  Additional options may be added as the impact of COVID-19 unfolds.  Please check back for updates.  Thank you for your love and support during this difficult time.

Character Calls

You child/children will get 10 minutes to talk to their favorite character and will include many Magical Moments such as Singing, Questions and Answers and even a Short Story! We will let your child lead the way with the character!

1 call $15.00

To reserve your favorite character and time slot, click BOOK NOW! button.


Paulette's Pen Pals

Imagine your child's face when he/she receives a letter in the mail from their favorite characters as a Pen-Pal!  Your child will correspond with his/her pen pal for approximately 6 weeks.  This is a great way to encourage your child to write about their day, ask questions, draw pictures and even send a photo. Tips in letters are appreciated   At the end of the quarantine a special party will be held to celebrate and your child will be able to meet their Pen Pal in person for an additional fee. (Date TBD of course!)

$25.00 per child / per character

$10.00 per child for the character party (only Pen Pal participants will be invited)


Available characters to write to: Cinderella, Tianna, BeautyBelle, Mermaid, Rapunzel, Snow Queen, Snow Princess, Mal, Evie,  Jazmine, Moanna, Poppy, SpideyMan, Captain of America.

To get starting writing to your favorite character, click the Get Started! button.


Virtual Character Play Date /Tuck-in

Does your child need a play date or want to be tucked into bed? How about a Virtual Character Play Date or Tuck-in.  Imagine your child's face when he/she sits down for screen time and their favorite character is on the screen talking directly to them!  From the comfort of your own home, your child will interact with his/her favorite character.  Read stories, sing songs, dance, and so much more!  Our characters will keep your child's attention for 20/30 minute times slots ( can customize to your needs) to allow you a break and get some other tasks accomplished.  Want to have even more fun?  Make it a party and invite neighbors, cousins or other friends ( from other states too) to join in the Virtual Play Date from their location for 40 minutes   Computer access with high-speed internet connection required for all users.  Virtual Play Dates held via FaceTime or Zoom.  Our Virtual Play Dates can be virtually anywhere, as long as you have a connection! 


Prices start at $50 per Virtual Play Date

Tips are gladly accepted  Thank You

Available characters to write to: Cinderella , Sleepy Beauty, Tianna, BeautyBelle, Mermaid, Rapunzel, Snow Queen, Snow Princess, Mal, Evie, Woody, Jazmine, Moanna, Poppy, SpideyMan, Captain of America.

To book your Virtual Play Date click the Schedule Now! button.


Neighborhood Social Distancing                           Street Parade Entertainment

Looking for a great way to cheer up your neighbors during this time of Social Distancing?  Our amazingly talented cast are eager to bring joy to the hearts and smiles to the faces of neighborhoods all over Columbus. Organize your neighbors via phone, email, and social media for Paulette's Princess Parties Street Parade.  Our characters will strut down your street or through your neighborhood. Choose up to 3 characters. Families can join us in their driveways, lawns and front porches as our characters sing and dance down the middle of the street providing, singing performances, dance and exercise moves.  Lots of air high 5's, air fist-bumps and air hugs.  Parents, to abide by social distancing guidelines, no children can approach the characters or non -family members.


To add to the fun, we would like all of the children (adults are welcome too) to participate in our One Wish for The World coloring contest.  To participate, simply take a plain sheet of paper from home, and create a visual description of your wish for the World.  Once completed, please post it on IG using #paulettesonewishfortheworld  Please be sure to follow and tag @paulettesprincessparties on IG and FB.  Contest winners will be selected         

All of our cast members are to giving back to our communities by sharing their time and amazing talent.  Donations are greatly appreciated to help cover expenses.  To make a donation, you can click on the PayPal Donation button and enter the desired amount you wish to contribute. ( a suggested $20 minimum per family)

To inquire and schedule a Social Distancing Street Parade for your neighborhood, please click on the STAY HOME! button to send us an email. or the Fairy-Godmother directly at 614-395-6330

Enjoy some creative ideas such as:

  *Fun with a Princess, A Descendant and a Super-hero

               *Have an Easter Egg hunt in all your front yards & the Easter Bunny                                                                        magically appears on your street

* Each Household watches the new Trolls World Tour Movie

then the Trolls show up on your street to entertain

*Come up with an idea for your neighborhood and we can make it happen!

Drive Up Birthday Party/Playdate

 Enjoy your favorite character as they appear in the middle of your street. Your child(ren) are on your porch, or lawn and will enjoy our entertainment at Social Distance.   All the magic of our  "magical experience " 30 minute parties at a special rate! Character training, Singing, dancing, story time and so much more !  Can be for a birthday or a surprise playdate !!!!!!

Longer time slots are available ( we can customize to your needs) Call the Fairy-Godmother at 614-395-6330


 Pricing Details 

 $95 per Character

 $70 additional Charcters


Live at Five

Live at Five is a free Facebook LIVE event created by the amazingly talented staff members at Paulette's Princess Parties during this time of Social Distancing.  Our staff of talented high school and college students are excited to bring bring live streaming fun into your homes.  COME JOIN US!   Make sure to check out our last live video. It is now on our Facebook page @paulettesprincessparties  


Feel free to share on networking, and social media site and friends in other cities.  We would love to spread cheer far and wide with our Magical Moments!

All of our cast members are eager to give back to our communities and sharing their time and amazing talent.  Donations are greatly appreciated to help cover expenses.  To make a donation, you can click on the PayPal Donation button and enter the desired amount you wish to contribute.