As Snow-White says :                                                                 "Your the one that can fill the world with sunshine......

When starting Paulettes Princess Parties my goal was to try my best to fill the world with sunshine. I have been Blessed to have the most amazing performers that give of there time and talents to help bring joy to those who really need it most. At the Ronald house we have been fortunate to visit the "princess" room every 4 to 6 weeks and entertain the families at the home. The yearly Princess and Pirate Fundraiser is getting bigger and bigger each year and it is an amazing event .We love being "Part of their World"

"A Dream us a Wish your Heart Makes"

Everyday Make a Wish make those come true. we love surprising a child and giving them there "Disney Vacation" Sometimes it as simple as visiting their home or creating a fairyytale party for family and friends. We miss so many of our Angels. 

One day, a sweet little girl was diagnosed with a very rare form of pediatric cancer. Darkness spread over her family, and when they hit rock bottom, they began to search for ways to bring back their light. They discovered that helping other warriors was very therapeutic and made them feel like they were standing up to this ugly disease. As other families began to voice their desire to help, they realized that they could do more than just give back to their community and peers. They could also empower others to do so in their own lives. This ripple effect became the non-profit, Feel Better Foundation.

Today, Feel Better Foundation offers the unique service of creating meaningful and lasting legacies for children (under 21) with life-threatening diseases, conditions, and cancers. These legacies help families heal, cope, and honor their love one’s (living and deceased) fight. Although legacies are built to represent each child, they focus on giving back to their communities, hospitals, foundations, or peers. Legacies range from donating hospital wagons, creating gardens, dedicating school benches, raising money for research, or supporting another child through treatment. The options to create light are endless.