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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Paulette's Princess Parties?

Ms. Paulette has a professional dance & theatre background and has been entertaining for 25 years. All of her gifted young entertainers are carefully mentored to perform at a professional level while inspiring children & guests. Our event specialists explode with energy and emote their passion for children. Costumes are handmade by Paulette and local seamstress, Rosemary. Each stitch and sequin is sewn with love. These qualities set us apart from other companies.

How are your prices determined?

Our rates have been researched and are competitive in the Central Ohio Area. They are determined according to the costs of our performers, travel, upkeep of costumes, accessories, supplies, and preparation. For us it is "All about quality and magical smiles."

Can I tip the performer?

Absolutely! Our Performers truly appreciate it. All of our Performers are High School and College so the blessing of a tip is always welcome! Cash or Venmo please. Tips cannot be added to your bill.

Can I ask for a specific performer?

Yes! If that performer has availability. We reserve the right to replace performers due to illness or circumstance beyond control.

How far in advance should I book?

It is recommended to book as soon as you know your date. When booking the Paulette's Palace & Production studio or another venue, 2  to 3 months is good timing, especially if you will be doing advertising for an event. Parties at your home should be booked at least a month in advance, weekends fill up quickly and some characters are very popular! For more flexibility, please contact us before you send out your invitations.

When should the character arrive?

FOR HOME PARTIES: We suggest the character to arrive a half hour to 45 minutes after the party begins so that everyone is present to enjoy!

Can my event/party be outdoors?

Yes! If the weather is inclement, below 60 / above 90 degrees, parties must be inside for the safety of the performer and your guests. The area outside being used must be clean so as not to jeopardize our beautiful costumes. Try to use common sense to make the party safe for all. 

Is there a deposit?

No Deposits. Invoices must be paid in full 7 days before your event or party.

Is there a travel fee?

Yes, the fee is determined by locations farther than a 30 minute drive from our home base in Worthington, Ohio and is based on mileage at $.55 a mile. There is also a small fee of $10 an hour per entertainer for travel time.

What if my party size changes?

Please inform Paulette of any change of participants as soon as possible. If your numbers change drastically, we may suggest some other available options to make your party the best it can be, this may include changing the $ of your party do to additions. Unfortunately, due to our busy schedule, parties cannot be rearranged less than 7 days before your event.

Can I audition for you?

Yes of course! Please send in your Headshot, Full Body shot and your resume to 614 - 395 - 6330. Please Include of video of you singing as a Character(s) you believe you could portray.

Before you submit: You must be,17 years or older

- Have a valid drivers license and car

- Fully vaccinated against COVID-19

- Weekend Availability    

Excited to see your submissions! 

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