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Character visits are a great way for businesses promote upcoming events.  Whether it's a grand opening, product launch, or just a special event taking place, a character draws in crowds from all over.  Let Paulette's Princess Parties help you promote your event with her extensive list of social media followers and fan base.

Hosting a corporate meeting or special event?  A character visit is a great surprise to your everyday business meeting or corporate gathering.  Our characters are not only dressed in costume, they are highly trained and talented performers that can take the stage and take ordinary and turn it to extraordinary.  Consider a character distributing annual awards on stage, a musical introduction for panel speakers, or a performance during a breakout session.  Characters are a great way to break the ice and add a little bit of unexpected to your next business routine.  

CALL PAULETTE at 614-395-6330  for Special Pricing to make your Event Magical & Memorable

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