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Paulette's Princess Parties is the producer of the Ohio Princess Balls. Your favorite fairytale characters will sing and dance their way into the hearts of children and adults. Our interactive shows are choreographed and produced by highly trained performers with theatrical backgrounds. Our performers are serious about their craft and take pride their performances.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Our amazing cast of performers will engage your children and bring your favorite stories to life.                                                                                                                                                                                              We have produced 15 Enchanted Balls and Princess & Prince Weddings in the past 7 years thru-out Central Ohio! The talented cast will amaze you with their voices, the costumes will leave your speechless! Every detail is is carefully planned out to create the most magical event, sure to bring joy and smiles to all.



The Ball will take place at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral Reception Hall in the lovely Short North area of Downtown Columbus. This beautiful facility is 6,000 square feet with a stage and state of the art sound


555 North High St, Columbus, Ohio

                                               JANUARY 28  2024   2-3:45pm & 5-6:45pm


                                                                               VIP  Tickets are $50 per person 

                                                                                                          INCLUDES:                                                                                  1:20 /4:20 entry , meet & greet with some of the princesses ,  crown coronation of each little princess,  choice of first 3 rows seating easy access to parking and more opportunities st our photo booth (@allwrappeduppersonalparties)

                                 GENERAL ADMISSION  $40 per person ( both Adults & Children  over 2 need tickets , doors open at 1:50



Imagine the smiles and bright eyes of your children when they see their favorite princesses take the stage  


*Be greeted by FAIRES  and Fly into your seats!

*Spectacular performances on a beautifully decorated stage & in the audience with by our incredibly talented cast

 * Snow Queen * Snow Princess * Snowy White * BeautyBelle *Sleepy Beauty * Cinderella * Rapunzal * Jazmine * Moanna * Tianna * Mermaid * Elena 

* Take a magic carpet ride with Jazmine

  • Enjoy each princesse as perform her Signature  songs

  • The children will learn  Interactive Dances

  • Read and Learn French with Beauty Belle

  • Do the Bubble Boogie Woogie and go Under the Sea with the Mermaid

  • Learn the traditional "Tamu" dance and Polynesian words with Moanna

  • Complete princess training with Cinderella and The Sleepy Beauty

  • Tianna will give the Jazziest performance ever!

  • Freeze dance with Elsa  and so much more


Your child will enjoy a Royal Ball with all the Princesses dancing with your  princesses & princes along with Lots of Warm Hugs and Pictures.

The ball will conclude with the entire cast singing"So Long, Farewell" from the Sound of Music

Plan to get Dressed in your " Ball Best" Attire 

To View our past Enchanted Princess Balls of Columbus videos visit

produced, organzied and hosted by Paulette's Princess Parties


TESTIMONAL: "Paulette's Princess Ballls are Absolutely AMAZING . Her Princesses all have such amazing voices  and do so much interacting with all the kids! The songs and the set up of the whole ball is so much fun nd you can tell there is a lot of thought put into each show. Top Notch all the way around!" MINDY

TESTIMONAL:  "Paulettes Princesses and Company make an Enchanted Royal Ballmore power -packed than an entire day at Disney! Outstanding voices and hand-crafted costumes are only a part of this breathtaking interactive experience. For young and old, it is as if these characters come straight from your dreams to reality. I am a fan of this Royalty club!" ------    KIM


DISCLAIMER : Keep in mind that we are not intending to violate any copywrite laws. The characters offered come from legends, folklore and fairytales that are in the public domain. Any of our characters that resemble to copywrited or licensed characters is purely incidental and unintentional. All costumes we use are unique, handcrafted and not copywrited . We are not associated with any large companies or theme parks and do not try to present as such. Paulettes Princess Parties is a private entertainment company hoping to make dreams come true for young and old.


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