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At Paulette's Princess Parties we have been so blessed to be a part of so many wonderful memories and celebrations.  Our hearts are full reading all of the wonderful comments and posts that have been left for us and we truly appreciate the time you have take to let us know how wonderful your event was and how special the role we played in your child's fairy tale dreams come true!


We attended the Lancaster Princess ball recently, and it was our first experience with Paulette’s and princesses. My 4yo son wanted to meet a “real princess” and the timing of the event was right. The ball was absolutely amazing and the princesses and owners were SO GOOD with our two BOYS. The event was truly incredible. Boys love princesses too and it was the most fun this momma has had in a long time! 💗 I highly recommend Paulette’s Princess Parties, and we are already looking forward to their upcoming events! Thanks for making my little princes’ wishes to meet princesses come true. Their favorites are Cinderella aka “the blue one” (Reed - 2) and Snow White (Rowan - 4).

~Meggie Honeter Pavlick

Wow! I just did an event with “Belle” from Paulette’s Princess Parties and I am simply awestruck by how great she was. Her demeanor, her “presence” and her incredible voice was spot-on!

The world needs more of this.

~Sean R. Gill

Paulette went above and beyond with her team of beautiful princesses to help make a very special girl's day full of magic. She jumped right in (when we needed help to put on an event), without question- and exceeded every expectation! I highly
recommend her team and will refer everyone we know to Paulette! Thank you a million times over!

~Lisa Armitage

The Jo Jo camp was so fun- for moms and kiddos! Thank you for teaching us a little hip hop!

~Sharyn Fried Koch 

Miss Paulette you made all of our dreams come true today with Cinderella’s Royal Wedding. It was beyond amazing. From the details on the costumes, the surprise guest, Ariel, nuptials, the princess’s singing and more. Thank you for making this such a magical day. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, you continue to make our experiences with your company wonderful.

~Kelly Kirchner Sobieski 

Sophia visited our house as Elsa to do a Royal tuck in. She was wonderful! My 4 year old thinks Elsa is her new BFF ❤️. 100% recommend!

~Sheena Erney


Yesterday we had a Snow White themed birthday party! Snow White was amazing and completely made the party in addition to all the memorable pictures taken, story time, singing and craft! Would highly recommend! Paulette was super sweet and helpful too! I would use her and any other princess again! Hopefully my daughter will like to pick a different princess for next time� I would love to share a picture or two of Snow White for illustration, but unable to on review.

~Sarah Davis

We had Spiderman come out to a school event and he did an amazing job. We had an issue with space so he wasn't able to do his usual but he didn't skip a beat. He jumped right in talking and playing around with the boys. For 2 hours he endured Hulk-like high fives from excited kids and met with everyone. Thanks for making our event special!

~Kat Roberts Patrick 

Oh my gosh! My 4 year old and her friends had the best time!!! The princess was so fun and patient and so friendly, ah and that voice!!! All the parents kept telling me how great it was and how much fun the kids were having! Worth every penny!! Thank you so much!!!

~Lis Kovalick


Moana came to my nieces 2nd birthday party. She was shy at first but moana was so warm and welcoming that she quickly perked up. Moana brought so many activities with her that it kept all the kids busy (Even the boys!) She was amazing and I think in a few years when my niece is a little bigger, we will do this again! Moana was amazing! My niece even sneezed on her and she didn't break character!

~Aly Staten

This is our second year having a princess surprise our daughter for her birthday. We also have done multiple camps. Everybody is so talented, it’s truly amazing!

~Julie Snezik

These are amazing parties for girls and boys of all ages.

~Samantha Elson 


All the Characters are so talented and professional. Paulette is easy to work with and the Palace is a beautiful event venue that also hosts AMAZING kids classes and events.

~Samantha Smith 

- adjective
1.completely fascinated by what one is seeing or hearing.
synonyms: fascinated, enthralled, spellbound, captivated, riveted, gripped, mesmerized, enchanted, entranced, bewitched, moonstruck.

Children at our events are *rapt* with these high-quality, professional entertainers, with much attention to character detail. You won't find off-the-rack costumes on these princesses, pirates, & heroes. Paulette is the best!!

~Julianne Moore

We had a princess party for my daughters 4th birthday and it turned out amazing! The little girls were so surprised and in awe of Elsa and the fairy godmother. They do a great job of singing, crafts, makeup and learning how to become a princess!

~Angela McCahill

Belle was fabulous. They were well prepared and organized. The timing was perfect. Belle was patient with our group of 14 girls ranging from 2-7. I can’t say enough what a wonderful experience it was.

~Annette Burner

We had Ariel come to my daughter's 3rd birthday party yesterday. She was amazing! My daughter loved every minute. She was beautiful, had a lovely voice and was so sweet to all the kids even in the 85+ degree weather she never took a break! She was in full character mode the whole time. We couldn't be happier with the way things went.

~Kathy Bickle Keeney

Entertainment is great and it is a lot of fun.

~Donna D'Angelo

Yesterday Rapunzel came to my 4 year old daughters birthday party! She kept the kids entertained the whole time she was there and they were in awe of her! Rapunzel was amazing and Paulette is so easy to work with! We were all very impressed and would recommend these ladies to anyone! My daughter keeps telling me today that 'it feels like a dream!' They sure made my little girls dream come true! ❤❤❤

~Jordan Liddle

Ariel came to my daughters 4th birthday party a few Sundays ago and my daughter has not stopped talking about her!! She hung out with her for just a few minutes on her own and then helped her open a few gifts, sung happy birthday, and took pictures with all her friends. Ariel was WONDERFUL and absolutely amazing with my daughter and all the other kiddos. They were mesmerized by her and thought it was the coolest thing that she was there! This was the best thing we did! Thank you!!

~Courtney Kay

Our granddaughter,Ava Sobieski, loved having Ariel at her 5th birthday party on March 30. Ariel's arrival was a surprise to all the guests. Her voice was magical and she cast a wonderful,fun filled spell on everyone.Highly recommend Princess Parties. Thank you to your talented, congenial performers. Talented,friendly,professional. Like DISNEY in your own home.Too expensive to go to Disney World? Hate waiting in lines there for "Meet & Greet"? Make arrangements for any Disney Princess to come to your home. Best investment in your child's memories ever. Parents enjoy the visit too. Makes you want to "Never Grow Up". Thank you over and over again.

~Bea Kirchner 

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